Shipping FAQ

Frequently asked questions:

  • Does my order come with tracking?
    • Yes! All orders made with our fulfilment providers come with tracking to provide you with peace of mind.


  • Where are you able to ship to?
    • Currently we offer shipping to Canada and international shipping to the US. We currently cannot offer shipping outside these regions. Please note that customers are responsible for any customs, taxes, or import fees that may come from international orders. Game City is not responsible for any delays caused by customs.


  • What if my items are damaged in transit?
    • Shipments with our fulfilment providers come with limited shipping insurance in case of damages. Please contact the provider used for your specific instructions.


  • An item on the included packing slip isn't in the box, what do I do?


  • What happens if I don't pick up my pick-up order within 14 days?
    • Customers have 14 days to pick up their orders at the pick-up location. After 14 days, the product(s) will be returned for restocking, and the order will be fully refunded.