Shipping FAQ

Frequently asked questions:

  • Does my order come with tracking?
    • Yes! All orders made with our fulfilment providers come with tracking to provide you with peace of mind.


  • Where are you able to ship to?
    • Currently we offer shipping to Canada and international shipping to the US. We currently cannot offer shipping outside these regions.


  • What if my items are damaged in transit?
    • Shipments with our fulfilment providers come with limited shipping insurance in case of damages. Please contact the provider used for your specific instructions.


  • An item on the included packing slip isn't in the box, what do I do?


  • What happens if I don't pick up my pick-up order within 14 days?
    • Customers have 14 days to pick up their orders at the pick-up location. After 14 days, the product(s) will be returned for restocking, and the order will be fully refunded.